Village Park Holiday Decorations

Gouverneur's Holiday decorations (think: light poles, gazebo, and Village Park) are more than 20 years old... and they look it. The Chamber is sponsoring a fundraising drive to collect funds for new Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decorating Committee consists of CJ Fitzgerald, Connie Stowell, Donna Lawrence, and Jim Bowhall. They met with Bob from ‘Downtown Decorations’ of Syracuse. Also attending the meeting via Zoom was TJ from the village.


They are looking at lights for the gazebo and big snowflakes or something similar for the lamp posts. Bob will get a plan and estimate together and report back to them. Village Mayor, Ron McDougall was asked if there was a schedule for the village park renovation and he said there was not. The lamp posts and gazebo will remain unchanged though so it should not have any effect on their decorating plans.